Future-proof your business by looking after your employees.

Paul Shanahan, founder of Futura, outlines the key features of the company’s bespoke employee benefits package.

2020 taught us all some hard lessons. Most of all, it showed us that we can’t take anything for granted – especially our health and wellbeing.

Businesses, large and small, all over the world have gone through seriously tough times in the last 12 months. Many of them have lost people, revenue, time, and resources due to Covid-19.

Even after all the vaccines have been administered and we’re able to return to ‘normal’, it will still take several years for the economy and industries to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic.

There are still challenges ahead for all of us, so how do you ensure your organisation, and your people are financially protected?

Enhance your employee benefits

Throughout 2021, we’re urging employers to consider introducing or enhancing their employee benefits as part of their pay review process. Research shows that employees place significant emotional value on their benefits packages, often more than receiving a larger salary.

75% of employees are more likely to stay with their employer because of their employee benefits package, so having the right employee benefits can help you retain your staff and attract new talent into the organisation. It’s also a tax-efficient way of rewarding your people while protecting your business at the same time.

The Futura Plan

Futura Investments has designed a tailor-made plan to give organisations access to a competitive benefits solution to reward, retain and attract the right people. It also protects the business by providing the resources to maintain peace of mind and financial stability if something unexpected happens to an employee. The plan consists of two key elements to ensure that you are protecting your employees, as well as your business. The key plan elements are as follows:

1. Protecting your employees

Benefits designed to protect and reward your employees:

  • Private Medical Insurance, including mental health and wellbeing benefits.
  • A quality workplace pension scheme offering discretionary investment management at low cost.
  • Death in service cover.
  • Sickness/ill-health cover.

2. Protecting your business:

Benefits designed to protect your business and the owners:

  • Insurance to provide cash flow to the company if a key employee cannot work due to death or prolonged ill-health.
  • Insurance to provide the business owners and their families with enough money to buy each other out in the event of an owner’s death or prolonged ill-health.

The benefits included within your package are entirely bespoke to your company considering your individual business needs, budget, and workforce. What’s more, rather than having to manage lots of different policies with different companies and multiple renewal dates, we handle all of the renewals on your behalf, with straightforward paperwork and one point of contact.

We’re here to make life simple and give you valuable peace of mind that your business risks and employees are in good hands.

How do I find out more?

For more information on The Futura Plan, please contact us on 01224 582185 or submit an enquiry by clicking here.

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